Parent Workshop – Positive Discipline Approach (August)


Our parent workshop with Christina Cowell, a leader in the Early Childhood Community and parent educator. 8/29

What our parents have to say:

Did you learn anything useful?

“Creative ways to support better behavior”

Yes. I like how to be a soft buffer. Discipline at home so that my child learns boundaries at home. Not in the world outside.”

“I would like more of these workshops”

Definitely. I especially liked “learn the hard/tough lessons at home” because the real world is not as “futty””

“I would attend future sessions”

“Yes behavior preventions”

“Why she acts the way she does and how to handle the situation and understand why and what is happening.”

“Yes. A lot of information was confirming how we educate our kid. So it was good to know we are on the right track.”

“Understanding triggers, recognizing why they display certain behaviors”

“Yes. I need to pay attention to my child. Also give my child control at times and for certain things.”


“Great session, Thanks for all the great information!”

“More Q&A time to address individual concerns”

“More time – could use more specific tools/ ideas”

“Having more time so she can give us more knowledge about parenting.”

“She opened my eyes and made me want to create a better discipline for my child”

“More time… it always seems to be over so quickly.”

“Enjoyed stories that relate back to our family situation”

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